Woot, it's Friday! We had an unexpected snow yesterday, which caused all kinds of excitement. It's pretty much gone now, but ridiculously cold temperatures remain. And not just Texas-cold...we're talking wind chills of 3 below! That's cold even by Canadian standards, eh?! #harhar Needless to say, we Southerners are not dealing well with it. I'm hunkered down inside making friends with my laptop...here's the Friday Five.

1) So I've had my eye on this Michael Kors tortoise watch for awhile. But the price tag kept me from pulling the trigger. Imagine my shock and glee when I found the exact watch for $150 less!! So I did a little sleuthing...and did you know that Fossil actual makes Michael Kors watches?! And Burberry? For real. And the online reviews for the Fossil watches are through the roof! Not to mention they come with an 11-year warranty. All of a sudden I'm feeling really good about the $100 Fossil version. I even found the same watch on Amazon for $73!

HI Sugarplum | fossil vs michael kors watches

That got me wondering just how many styles are available in both brands....turns out a lot! These were two of my favorites...

Hi Sugarplum | Michael Kors vs Fossil watches

Hi Sugarplum | Michael Kors vs Fossil watches

2) Sarah Dorsey made these Geometric Gold Lamps. You read that right...she MADE them! And for $11 each!? I think my head just exploded. From this point on, I can no longer say I DIYed anything.

3) A few weeks ago I posted this fun, flirty weekend outfit. I guess some of you liked it, because when I went back later to grab the adorable elbow-patch heart sweater, it was sold out!? So rude!

weekend cool

I'm relieved to announce that they've restocked a few red ones (for some reason these sizes are on sale), and plenty of them in mint and hot pink. Rest assured I ordered mine before sharing the good news. Here are a few more cute options...I'm crazy for those elbow patches! (P.S...the wedge booties have been restocked in all sizes, too. Run! Get them...trust me, you'll love how cute and comfy they are!)

Hi Sugarplum | Heart Elbow Patch
1 | 2 | 3 

4) My friend Emily created a list of her Top 10 Go To Home Accessories. Her home is always perfectly styled, and she has great taste, so I was thrilled to find out I already own several things on her list!! I think that makes me stylish by association. 

5) I love the look of leggings and boots, but I struggle finding tops long enough to cover the lady bits, without drowning my entire frame in a mumu.  This cozy Cowlneck Tunic looks like it might be the magic key...covering the jiggly parts, while still looking pulled together. My leggings are black, so I'll likely go with this speckled ivory/grey

How's that for a big mosh-pit of random greatness today?! Stay warm and cozy, and happy weekend, lovebugs!


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