Every year, on the day before Thanksgiving, the kids and I kick off the holiday season with a trip to the fanciest department store in town, for lunch in their fancy little restaurant. The mall is practically deserted because everyone is busy preparing for Thanksgiving, so we eat, shop, and visit Santa in peace.

It's been our tradition for the eight years since we moved back to Texas. We love it, and look forward to that special day all year. Unfortunately, this year, Babygirl got sick at the fancy restaurant. And not just a little sick. Obviously, that's been a bummer for her, but she was mostly upset that our tradition was ruined, because there's no way she'll ever step foot in that fancy little restaurant again!

Truth be told, the best thing about our lunch was always the fresh strawberry butter with hot popovers. Since she's finally feeling better, I decided to surprise her with our own version.

Hi Sugarplum | Homemade Strawberry Butter

{What You Need}
2 sticks Butter ~ Salted or Unsalted, your preference
1/2 cup Strawberry Preserves
Electric Mixer

Hi Sugarplum | Homemade Strawberry Butter

Fast and easy is the game around here, remember? Soften the butter at room temperature, then whip until smooth. Add preserves and continue blending.

Hi Sugarplum | Homemade Strawberry Butter

Transfer the strawberry butter to a lidded jar...these Weck jars with the adorable strawberry motif on the side of the glass are pretty much perfect. (You can also find them here and here.) Chill the butter until ready to serve. You can also roll it in a log between plastic wrap and freeze.

Hi Sugarplum | Homemade Strawberry Butter

Sure you could use fresh strawberries, but the preserves add the right amount of sweet, and make the butter a pretty pink color. (Not to mention, super simple!) I also prefer salted butter...it gives it the perfect hint of sweet and salty. This girl doesn't bake homemade popovers, but I can manage to warm croissants.

Hi Sugarplum | Homemade Strawberry Butter

I don't know which is best...the strawberry butter, or seeing it in such a cute little package. We've been slathering it on everything in sight, but it would also make a sweet gift. Can't you just see it smothered on hot biscuits for Valentine's Day?!

Having our own strawberry butter didn't erase Babygirl's bad experience, but I hope it's helped to replace it with new memories.


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