How about a Hoody-Hoo for the long weekend!? I've got cook-outs, pool time and Summer dresses on the brain this Friday.

1) I pinned this dress from Forever 21 last week, then immediately had to order it. It appeared to be the perfect Summer dress...bright colors, light fabric, easily dressed up or down...and cheap! Unfortunately, it's not so cute in person. Unbelted it looks like a mumu, and belting it didn't help much either. Not to mention, the armholes are so big you can see all the lady bits up top. Total bummer, but back to the store it goes.


Natalie is a genius at flushing out the good stuff from Forever 21, so I ordered this one too, after she posted it. It looks pretty high-end in person, and the details are impressive for the price. The Love 21 line is cut more for women (as opposed to juniors), so I tried both an XS and S. One fits great on top, but the other is better on bottom TWSS. What do you think, is it a keeper? Which size looks best?


2) Now that we're spending more time outdoors, I'm excited to pull this DIY Fedora back out! Are you a hat person?


3) My parents are moving soon, and gifting us with their super-duper, mac-daddy grill (their down-sizing means new stuff for us!). I'm not a good griller, but I'm determined to master Martha's BBQ Chicken this weekend. I think I'll add Shay's Corn Salad, or Sheaffer's Black Bean Salad to the menu. Or better yet, I'll invite them over and they can bring both!

Barbecued Chicken

4) I'll provide the rafts and a cute Patriotic Table like this one from last year. That sounds fair, don't you think?


5) Occasionally I get asked if I help design spaces for other people. I'm much too chicken for that, and who in their right mind would want their house to look like mine a box of Crayolas?! The one place that much color and pattern is universally accepted, is in Kid's Rooms. Those are my absolute favorite to create, too. Kirsten has partnered with Land of Nod for this fabulous series, and I've been devouring every post. I know my kids will want some changes to their rooms as they get older, so I'm gathering all these great ideas.  

What's on the agenda for you? Have you found any great Summer dresses? What about grilling tips? Happy long weekend, lovebugs!


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