One of the (many) up sides to blogging, is having companies and brands reach out to work with you. The offers can range anywhere from long-term collaborations and relationships, to just trying out new products in hopes that you'll mention it on the blog. I am extremely picky about which brands I work with, and always ask myself, 'Is this a product/brand I genuinely respect and recommend, regardless of sponsorship, and will my friends (you guys) benefit from it in some way.'

So when my friends at Staples (whom I whole-heartedly work with on Martha Stewart campaigns, because, well, it's Martha) offered to send me a new Samsung Galaxy camera, I politely declined. After all, I already have a DSLR camera that I love, and have recommended to you guys. And when I'm not using that, I use my iPhone. #fancy

But she insisted the Samsung was unlike any camera I've owned, since it has WiFi connectivity, saves and backs up your images automatically to a cloud, and shoots 17 megapixels with a 23-mm wide angle lens and 21x zoom! It also has a slim size that's perfect for travel.

Okay, so I decided to try it out on our trip to California...but only if they agreed to give one away if I liked it. Guess what? I LOVE it!

You can shoot in Auto, full Manual, or choose one of their 'Smart' functions and have it do the work for you. So basically, a legit professional camera, but super user-friendly.

 It has a crazy long zoom, and the big 4.3-inch display screen shows your shot in clear HD.

You can even edit and organize your photos directly on the camera!

Then you can connect, upload, share, and even post to your favorite social media, directly from the camera.

You can even check your email on it...what?!?! It's seriously the smartest camera I've ever seen. Basically, it's a DSLR, tablet and laptop, all rolled in one. Check out my Scenes from SoCal post...I took and edited most of those images with this camera.

Want a Samsung Galaxy WiFi camera for yourself? Well you're in luck, because I'm giving one away to one of you lucky ducks! Just enter below...and good luck, lovebugs!

Update: Congratulations to Corrigan N! Check your email for details on claiming your prize. Thanks to everyone for entering!

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