Good News and Great News

So If y'all lovers were unaware......I have only been at this whole blogging thing for just about a year. 

I also have only opened up shop as Amber Interiors for about 9 months...and in that 9 months I have been busy...


Non Stop

Anyways, I have decided I need to take some much needed time off from Amber Interiors to be with my family.

I am closing up shop from Today December 21st. until the 3rd of January 2012!

This means so many things to me you have no idea..

Lateley, I am so flippin pre-occupied with work that my house and family go without 100% of me. 

Which means shit starts to pile up and G start to say things like

"No MaMa's in work, pease"
(heart wrenching)

I need to take some time to kiss my baby G at least 7,000 more times then I normally do in a day.

Give the duck some quality us time and go on a long over due bowling date night. 

Take Penny the Hound to the park and give Stella the cat some cat nip.

 I am gonna take the time to  finally  decorate G's room 

 I am gonna clean the shit...literally,  outta my house

I am gonna get my ass on a workout schedule and start getting some kinda fitness routine going

I may or may not crank out a few paintings

Take some cool photos of cool things

Have a garage sale...and blog tag sale...

Get healthier hair by taking my fish oils...every day

Naturally develop bigger breasts and grow longer legs

Write a Christmas album

Train Penny to do her hound poops in the toilet 

and then go outside and help the Cat, Stella, Rake the leaves off the lawn. 

Learn to whistle dixie

And get my scuba diving certification so that I can search for sunken treasure.

When I set a goal....There is nothing I can't achieve!

Don't fret..

I will not be off the blog 

I will keep it as fancy as poss..

.hopefully have some time to get some DIY projects done.

Please don't be mad and throw your fist at the computer screen if I miss a day or two blogging over the next two weeks..
I might just be hungover those days

If you are interested in E-Design or setting up a consultation for Design Services, please feel free to email me and we can set you up for the New Years Calendar!

Just a little note to say Thanks!!!!

Thanks for reading this here bloggy and for making me feel so special all the time..


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