Hey, hey friends! Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! We had a fun date night, I started some Fall decorating, and our contractor hung the new Dining Room chandelier!


I'll catch you up, in case you don't have all my posts committed to memory. Here's the Dining Room with a blast-from-the-past chandelier, courtesy of the previous owners.


I tried disguising it with a bunch of crappola, before finally spraying it black and making new sleeves.


And while that was better, I never loved it. So one day I got sick of it entirely and just had the darn thing taken down. Oh, and we added new chairs and changed up the lamps along the way. I stopped there because technically this room wasn't getting a makeover yet. 


But turns out it's difficult to use a room in the evening without much light. So I accidentally bought a chandelier on One Kings Lane, and then Rugs USA offered to send me a new rug. So all of a sudden my Dining Room was getting a makeover. (Here are the room boards I'm toying with, courtesy of Amanda Carol Interiors.)


I love the light and airiness of the Crystorama Solaris chandelier, and the modern touch it brings to my traditional Dining Room.


It may be a bit high, I'm on the fence about the crystal hanging from the bottom, and don't be shocked if I Rub 'n' Buff it, but really.....I'm crazy about it! As soon as it was up, I could literally see all the things I want to do to this room!

Why yes, that is a toy block holding up the broken leg of the piano. Not sure what to do about that. And yes, the piano is missing the front cover. Mr. Sugarplum likes to make sure the neighbors can hear him play.


And since the new rug is in route, it's time to concede this room is in full makeover mode. Along with the Breakfast Room, Den and Living Room. I'm not ready to make a full To-Do List yet, but adios drapes, wall color and lampshade! So who's coming for dinner, now that you can actually see what I'm serving?

PS...Shelly at Crazy Wonderful has a similar chandy...and I know you can buy these orb lights at Z. Gallerie, Restoration Hardware and Ballard (but the OKL price was better).

***I shared this project with Sarah, the best link party in town!*** 


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