Heeeey! Happy Friday, friends. Wow, am I ready for the weekend. Our busy week was topped off with three of us having colds, and the other one spraining his ankle. I'm ready to lay-low and get everyone well! And probably pick up a paintbrush, too. Here's the Friday Five....

1) I can't think of a better way to relax, than to cuddle up with my laptop and shop Nordstrom's Half-Yearly Sale! So many of the things I've been drooling over this season are on sale (like these boots and these jeans), and now might be the time to pull the trigger. I mean, my birthday and Christmas is around the corner! I put together this cozy Fall outfit using only sale items, most 40% off, and it sure is tempting!

Hi Sugarplum | Nordstrom half-yearly sale

2) I loved reading your suggestions on how you stay organized during the holidays. We certainly all have the love of list-making in common! No doubt Martha's stuff is going to help me, but I've also downloaded the Santa's Bag app that Sara of Total Basset Case suggested! It allows you to import recipients, set budgets, plan gifts, create wish and shopping lists, track your progress, and counts down the days. Oh, and it's password protected to keep snooping eyes away.

 Santa's Bag

3) We're totally cuckoo over our Pink Dining Room, but realize it's certainly not for everyone. Kelli at Life at 818 thought it was for them, though! When she shared the transformation of her Dining Room from navy to pink, my jaw dropped. It looks so sophisticated and glamorous. You've got to see her red chairs, too.

4) Speaking of paint...this is the weekend to stock up! Sherwin-Williams is my go-to source when painting rooms...their Super Paint gets it done with one coat, and our red ceiling only needed two! Even if I don't have any painting projects planned, I still buy a few gallons off the shelf. When you're ready to paint, just take them back to the store for free tinting. They are also pros at color-matching, and have most every company's color formulas. And they didn't pay me to say all that. Unfortunately, Sherwin-Williams has no idea who I am.

Sales and Coupons USA

5) A big phat WELCOME to our new sponsor Stellar Interior Design. They offer amazing online interior design, regardless of your location or budget. Stellar Interior Design provides you with a master plan for creating a professionally designed space, or entire home, that you can implement at your own pace, and within your preset budget. It’s an affordable alternative to the traditional way of hiring a designer. 

Stellar Interior E-Design

And notice how I said OUR new sponsor....because without sponsors, we'd have no project fund! So thank you for supporting the sponsors that keep things flowing around here!

Stellar Interior Design Ad Button Size 200

So what are you up this weekend? Are you hitting up the Nordstrom or Sherwin-Williams sales? If you're starting your Christmas shopping, it's worth noting that C.Wonder has 30% of all sale items, and J.Crew has 25% your total order of $100 or more. Happy weekend, lovebugs!


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