Hey there friends...and Happy Monday! That's usually an oxymoron, but not today.
Today I'm going to lessen the blow that is Monday.
I'm going lighten your holiday shopping burden!
I'm going to rock your socks off!
Are you picking up what I'm throwing down?

Hi Sugarplum | Black Friday giveaway

Oh yes, you read that right!! Up for grabs is a $400 Visa Gift Card!
I know it's been a little giveaway-heavy around here lately, but how can I pass up these awesome opportunities for you guys? I feel like it's my chance to finally give back some of what you've given me.

Who else is participating in this awesome giveaway?
Some super fun girls with some super fun blogs!
I love that we're all from different blogging niches, too, so click over and check them out.
I think you will find some new favorites!

Hi Sugarplum | Black Friday giveaway

Black Friday is the best shopping day of the year, so we're hooking you up with your very own, guilt-free, shopping spree! One lucky duck will win a $400 Visa Gift Card, to splurge on whatever their heart desires. You could treat yourself, or knock out your list for others. 
In case you're feeling generous with your winnings, I wouldn't be mad about receiving any of these items...

Hi Sugarplum | Perfect Gifts

We know you don't want to mess around,
so we're closing the giveaway at midnight, November 21.
Winner will be chosen November 22, with plenty of time to receive their card by Black Friday.
Good luck, lovebugs!

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