Mr. Sugarplum and I don't exchange gifts for Valentine's Day, but I wanted to make a little something sweet for him. The Sharpie and ceramic mug project is not new, or original, but that doesn't make it any less fun or adorable. I've been dying to try it for myself, so I decided it was the perfect inexpensive gift for Valentine's Day.

Hi Sugarplum | Valentine Sharpie Mug

All you need is a basic ceramic mug (mine was $2 at Ikea), and a Sharpie.

Hi Sugarplum | Valentine Sharpie Mug

I am not artistic, but Mr. Sugarplum always claims to like my 'quirky drawings,' so I went for it. I suggest you practice, practice, practice your design on paper first, and draw it at the same size you want for your mug.

Hi Sugarplum | Valentine Sharpie Mug

Most posts I found online said their mugs weren't dishwasher safe, or you need a special pen just for drawing on porcelain, but I experimented a little and found a method that works great. I've run this through the dishwasher twice (top rack), and the design hasn't budged.

* After drawing your design, place the mug in a cool oven and heat to 425-degrees. Bake for 30 minutes, then leave in oven until completely cool.
* Use a permanent-ink Sharpie for your design. Mine was a little faint after baking, so I just traced over it, and baked again. 
* A fine-tip pen gives you more drawing control, but the color is less intense.

Hi Sugarplum | Valentine Sharpie Mug

I already gave it to my Valentine, and the conversation went like this:

Me: Honey, I made you a little something for your morning coffee.
Mr. SP: Thanks, babe! (stares at it for awhile)
Me: Do you see what it says?
Mr. SP: Mine?
Me: NO! Be Mine. Get it, that's a bee!?
Mr. SP: Aw, I love your quirky little drawings.

Hi Sugarplum | Valentine Sharpie Mug

Obviously the success of this project hinges on your ability to draw and write legibly, but the sentiment is the same either way. Are you making any little gifts for your Valentine? Have you tried the Sharpie/Mug project? Did you get that my mug said, 'Be Mine'???

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And total sidenote, but my mom someone nominated me for an Apartment Therapy Homie award, in the Best Home Project & DIY category, which feels like kind of a big deal. Even though there are 187 other blogs nominated, too. If you think I deserve some props, head over and vote. Thanks, Mom!



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