Man, did that weekend blow by, or what?! If you follow me on InstaGram, then you saw the precious moment we participated in Saturday night. I am thrilled for my sister, and excited about a Montana wedding next Summer!

Summer in Texas is no joke, but we've figured out the key to enjoying it is to stay completely submerged in water, while tossing back cold food and drinks. It's a winning combination really. And it just so happens July is National Ice Cream what better time to crank out a batch of peach ice cream?! And ain't nobody got time for more than 4-ingredients!

Hi Sugarplum | Peach Ice Cream

{What You Need}

3 cups peeled & sliced fresh Peaches
1 cup Sugar, divided
3 cups Heavy Cream (or 2 cups Cream & 1 cup Whole Milk)
1 tsp. Vanilla Extract

Hi Sugarplum | Peach Ice Cream

{What You Do}

In a small bowl, mix the peaches with 1/2 the sugar, and let macerate in the fridge for a few hours.

Strain the peaches, reserving juices, and mash half of them.

In a medium mixing bowl, combine the cream and remaining sugar, and mix until sugar is dissolved. Stir in the cream, reserved peach juice, mashed peaches, and vanilla.

Pour mixture in your ice cream maker (I use this dream machine), and blend until thick and creamy. Five minutes before it's done, add the remaining peaches and let mix completely.

Git in mah belly!

Hi Sugarplum | Peach Ice Cream

The only thing better than eating peach ice cream on a hot Texas Summer day, is eating peach ice cream while floating around the pool or lake! See? Winning combination!

I'm beginning to think we have an ice cream addiction over here.
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