I'm not one to sit still for long, and as much as I love home, I love to get the heck out of town. And I'm not picky...a weekend road-tripping to small Texas towns, or floating through Venice...I love it all! In fact, the main reason we DIY, is so we can save the budget for traveling.

Usually, Mr. Sugarplum and I take a kid-free, marriage-saving, f-bomb-dropping trip in the Spring, but this year we had the opportunity to bring the kids along on our adventure. Actually, that's Adventure with a capital A, because we're going to Puerto Rico!

We'll stay a few nights in Old San Juan...

Old San Juan, Porto Rico

Spend a day trekking through El Yunque Rainforest...


Then fly a teeny-tiny 'How much do you weigh, ma'am' puddle-jumper to the island of Vieques.


Word is wild horses roam in abundance on the no-stop-light island. And whoa, Nelly, is Babygirl psyched about that! #seewhatIdidthere? Remember the horse transition we started in her room?


The trip will be here before we know it, and I've been busy planning, and scouting for deals. Have you been to Puerto Rico? I'd love to hear your favorite experiences and restaurants. I share tips for all the places we've been here, and I'd love to hear yours on this beautiful island.

***This is not a sponsored post, but if you'd like opportunities like me to work with brands like Puerto Rico Tourism, sign-up here!***


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