It's Friday...can I get a 'hollaaaaaaa!' Thanks so much for your comments and emails yesterday about our approaching trip...I added all your tips to the list!

1) Looking at beach pics has me dreaming of Spring outfits...does it get any Springier than pink + yellow? This is pretty much my weekend uniform as soon as the temps start to warm. I have these shorts in at least five colors (love them and the price!), and this jean jacket is a staple this time of year.

Pink Spring

2) I lived in these wedge booties all Fall and Winter, and loved how they were not only stylish, but super comfy. And I got used to having the extra height! I figured since Toms has the comfy wedge down to a science, I need to add a pair of their wedge sandals to my wardrobe this Summer. There are so many cute ones to choose from, and they all have almost perfect reviews. Which do you like?

Toms Summer Wedges

3) Don't you love when talented designers have blogs, and share their tips and tricks with us regular folk?! My friend Grace, at A Storied Style, has amazing taste and ideas, and recently showcased her inexpensive version of Acrylic Drapery Rods. The real-deal can run upwards of $750 per rod! #nevergonnahappen But clever Grace DIYed them for $65. You can bet your boots you'll be seeing this pop up in my house somewhere soon!

4) Jimmy Fallon is the perfect combination of adorably cute + laugh-outloud-funny. I love the sketches where Jimmy, the Roots and a popular singer cram into a tiny room, and perform a hit song using children's instruments. This 'Let It Go' with Idina Menzel is my new favorite. Girl can sing, dang!

5) Stefanie and Jennifer came up with a fantastic idea of a Favorite Things Exchange, and somehow I got invited to participate! They rounded up a group of home bloggers who just so happen to be moms, too. Each of us got secretly paired up with another participant and will spend the next few weeks thinking up what perfect "favorite thing" would make a great surprise for her. Kind of like a Secret Santa but without the holiday crush. Once the packages are opened, we'll share the loot just in time for everyone's respective Mother's Day shopping. I'm dying to know who has me, and would love your gift ideas to send my 'secret mama'!


Happy weekend, lovebugs!


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