While the big purchases can be nauseating exciting, it's the little things that make my heart race. Small touches, like a new throw pillow, basket planter, or magazine rack, can make all the difference in a room. And it always seems to be those little things (I'm talking about you, pretty books!) that bring me the most joy. My latest object of affection isn't necessarily cheap, but it's life-changing!

Remember when I showed you our cute little coffee set-up? And waxed poetic about how much we love coffee and coffee time around here? Well, not one week later our Mr. Coffee ground to a halt. (You see what I did there? Punny, huh?)

Hi Sugarplum | Morning Coffee

I'd been dreaming of a Keurig, but it seemed like such an unnecessary luxury...especially since we had a perfectly good coffee maker. We went exactly one long day without a coffee maker before I started pricing new ones. I discovered a decent drip coffee maker wasn't much less than a basic Keurig. So we went for it!

Hi Sugarplum | Keurig love

How can such an insignificant Kitchen appliance be such a life-changer?! For starters, there's no more grinding beans, or spilled grounds...no cleaning the filter or rinsing the pot...no waiting for it to brew, or someone taking the last cup....and best of all, no more wondering if the Mister is going to make the coffee, or if I have to get up and do it! It's almost like vacation every morning...where someone else makes the coffee!

It's eliminated a lot of the coffee paraphernalia we had on the Kitchen counters, too. I rummaged up a cute candle-holder from the depths of my closet, and piled the K-cups in it. I like using something unexpected.

Hi Sugarplum | Keurig love

The rest of the K-cups are stored in the 'Breakfast' bin in our Pantry (still fully organized after 1 year, thankyouverymuch!).


I love how clean it looks sitting on the counter, too. That cutest-mug-ever can be found here.

Hi Sugarplum | Keurig love

Okay, I realize I need to calm down because I'm sounding crazier than usual, but I love this thing! Smitten doesn't even come close! Are you having a love affair with a Keurig? Where do you keep all the K-cups?


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