Hey, hey, hey!! We are back home after an amazing week spent together, and with dear friends. Not only did we drive cross-country, but we ate our way there. And ate even more while in Nashville! But gaining 5 pounds is what vacations are all about, right?!

Vacations are also about the laundry, empty fridge, and dead houseplants you come home to. Oh yeah, and a looming deadline for our Haven presentation! *gulp* 

I have all kinds of fun stuff to share with you, like details of our trip...


Some amazing restaurants you must check out if you ever find yourself in Nashville...

How you doin', homemade pimento cheese & fried jalapenos on a burger!?

My sassy new 'do....oh yes, I chopped it ALL!


Not to mention some little projects I've done around the house recently. But all that will have to wait until I've dug myself out of the laundry heap, stocked my fridge, caught up at work...and oh yeah, finish that Haven presentation with Courtney, Megan, and Carmel!! I can't believe the conference is weeks away....I'm so excited!


How was your weekend?!


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