Hello friends...and happy Friday! Can you even believe it's February? Didn't we just show off our Christmas crafts a few weeks ago?! As much as I wish time would slow down, I do welcome Valentines Day. I'm a total sap, and love all the sweetness and mush that accompanies the holiday. We don't put on the pressure and celebrate with grand gestures, just little trinkets, notes and sweet treats.

I don't typically decorate for Valentine's Day (except for that time I went a little cuckoo with pumpkins), but when the folks at Command Brand challenged me to create a Valentine Vignette using their amazing products, I was on it like chocolate on peanut butter. (You thought I was going to make a Lohan reference, didn't you? Please, I'm not that one-dimensional. #yesIam)

I thought the {DIY} Wall Mirror by the front door was a perfect spot, especially since I'd already used the amazing Command Sawtooth Sticky Nail hanger to mount the starburst mirror on it.

Valentine Vignette with Command hooks

You can read about the {DIY Gold Leaf Starburst and how I mounted it to the mirror here.

Valentine Vignette with Command hooks

The kids and I made a few cards for each other, and stuck them in the spokes of the mirror. I suspect they'll be bringing home a few Valentines from secret admirers, so we'll add them to the collection.

Valentine Vignette with Command hooks

I made a simple garland by cutting letters out of felt, and clipping them to a strip of ribbon with mini clothespins. The Burlap Garland was from a previous project.

Valentine Vignette with Command hooks

I tied the ends of the garlands to Command Clear Mini Hooks mounted on either side of the mirror frame. They are barely visible, and remove easily, so a perfect tool for seasonal decorating.

Valentine Vignette with Command hooks

Voila! An easy and inexpensive Valentine Vignette!

Valentine Vignette with Command  hooks

I won't be hosing down the house with pink hearts, but I do love this sweet little corner. 

Valentine Vignette with Command hooks

Do you decorate for Valentine's Day? I've got a handful of sweet treats to share with you, so we'll kick off a Week of Sweet on Monday. You can check out the Valentine Gallery for more ideas, too. Happy weekend, lovebugs!

I'm thrilled to be working with Command Brand from 3M to share with you this project I created in my home. You can check out all their products, along with many project ideas, on the Command website, the Command Twitter page (@CommandBrand), Command Facebook page, and Command Pinterest page.


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