Hey, party people! How about that for the fastest weekend ev-ver?! We had crazy cool weather, so we were motivated to get our Halloween decor going, and spent the day at the Fair. Oh yes, that's Fair with a capital F. The State Fair of Texas is an all-caps kind of adventure. I'm wearing a mumu elastic pants today if that tells you anything.

But enough about fried Oreos, lets move on to home design. Last we saw of the Family Room, the new sectional had moved in. The knot mirror was already in place, but it wasn't jiving for me.

 hi sugarplum den (5)

So we took it down and had been staring at a nekkid wall for the past month. This giant expanse of wall needed a big statement, so we waited for inspiration to hit.

 hi sugarplum den (1)

Once the new rug and orb light were added to the Dining Room, those wall photos just didn't seem to fit the new direction the room was going. Hmmmmm, what to do....if only I had more than six.

 Dining Room greek key rug

Oh yes, I do....there are three more hanging miss-proportionately over our bed.


Boosh!! Now there are nine hanging above the sectional in the Family Room!

Gallery Wall

That dominant tiny part of me that likes to take things too far over-the-top, considered adding three more and really blowing out the wall...but I showed some uncharacteristic restraint and allowed them to have balance with the sofa.

Gallery Wall

These are simply Ribba frames containing photos we've taken on some of our favorite trips. I use Snapfish to print over-sized photos, but there are countless resources online. And we took these pictures with a regular old point-and-shoot....nothing fancy about it.

Gallery Wall

I hesitated to hang them since I'd had such an obnoxious one before. (That whole taking things too far thing.)


But a single piece of art to fill this entire wall would be pricey, and not something we want to rush. And I think having all our favorite places grouped together make a pretty fabulous and sentimental statement.

Gallery Wall

The glare off the glass is awful in these pics (bad photographer), but you can see the symmetry and clean lines of the frames. And don't hate me, but I hung each of them with one try, without using a level, spacers or template. I'm telling you, I have a freaky ability to hang stuff by just eye-balling it! TWSS?

Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall

So there it is....a large wall filled with inexpensive gallery frames and poster prints. What's your favorite way to fill large walls? And can you identify the places in the pictures? Several of them you'll find on my Travel page. And admit it, you're trying to find a crooked or uneven frame, aren't you?! Well keep looking my friend, because there isn't one! (It's my one-and-only talent, I'm kind of obnoxious about it.)

Cross it off, baby!

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Mount TV & Hide Cords 
Paint Mantle
Find Desk Chair
Paint/Stain/Replace Sofa Legs
Re-Hang Art Over Chair
Decide Fate of Rugs
New Light Fixture
Window Coverings
Decide Fate of Matching Tables


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