Hey, hey, hey -- Happy Friday! It's time for another round-up of What Really Melts My Butter (I'm Southern, it's a requirement to use Steel Magnolia references whenever possible). I pretend I'm showing these for you, but really it's my own selfish bookmarking system. This is some of the genius going around in this talented Blog Pool....

The sweet Michelle at Ten June is now a mama!! Her baby is the yummiest, and he's got the freshest nursery in town!

This project has been everywhere...and for good reason. Emily at Recently rocked the socks off some cheap plastic tables with python fabric. This is so happening in my house!

Check out this fabulous wall Dana created with molding and mirrors at Make Them Wonder. And you know I'm digging the orb chandelier!

Well-designed Kids Rooms are always favorites for me. Probably because they are usually colorful, and don't take themselves too seriously. Abby at A Delightful Design created her son's new big boy room with so much style, yet the perfect amount of fun and whimsy. I'm a huge believer in giving kids a room as chic as the rest of the house.

The secret's out on The Container Store's acrylic trays....and now Jenny at For Chic Sake helps us personalize them with her free printable inserts!

I was introduced to Pinterest Told Me To just yesterday, and I've already read every single post Sheaffer's written! She takes inspiration from Pinterest, then creates an outfit using items already in her closet. And she's really fun to read...this post had me cracking up! We'll forgive her for having skinny thighs.

My girl Courtney used my tutorial for distressing wood, and framed out her builder-basic bathroom mirror. Genius!! Check out A Thoughtful Place for how she did it, and the full Powder Room reveal!

We always talk about the power of paint. But what about the power of fabric and drapes?! Emily A Clark's new Breakfast Room is going to spark a new revolution of patterned drapes! What a seriously cheery place to start and end the day.

Jamie Meares is magic. Or a wizard. Or quite possibly a sparkly vampire. Either way, she has super powers, I'm sure of it. Every single thing she posts, I need. Immediately. She just showed us her latest 'quick, little makeover' on I Suwannee, and it's awesome. She probably did it in a weekend, too...where as I've been working on my Living Room for over a year!

That's what is Melting My Butter this Friday....what's got you swooning lately? Happy weekend, lovebugs!


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