While I admit we get a little carried away decorating for Halloween and Christmas, the changes for Fall are small ones. The shells and coral are put away, in favor of rustic elements and cozy throws. One of the small touches I was eager to add, was a pine cone garland I saw on Twig & Thistle several years ago.


The only supplies you need are pine cones (those scented ones would be yummy), small cup hooks and ribbon.


First cut your ribbon in the desired length, taking into account the amount needed to adhere it to your surface. After laying the pine cones out in your preferred spacing, make a small mark on the ribbon where each will hang. Then screw a cup hook into the bottom of each pine cone. It will be resistant at first, but you can do it, put your back in to it! (Name that song.) The ones with flat bottoms are easier, and first hammering a small hole with a nail helps, too.


Punch a small hole at your marking on the ribbon, and hang the hook from it.


Boosh! A little touch of Fall. My garland is hanging out on my mantel-in-the-making. (Update: A savvy reader suggested making one using my Snowy Pine Cones this Christmas!)



This is a Sugarplum kind of project....cheap, easy and super fast! You guys seem to appreciate the simple projects as well, so let's have another 'About an Hour' party! Next Thursday, September 27, come link up all your projects easily tackled in an afternoon...anything goes! There were so many fab ideas last time, I can't wait to see what you've been up to. With the weather cooling off, mama needs new indoor projects!

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