It's been four years to the month since we gave this little bath an update. I'd call it a facelift, but that would imply we did some actual remodeling of things. What we did was more like botox...purely cosmetic and temporary.

after 2

I'll refresh your memory of how the room looked right after we moved in...drab and dated. Not a good combo, especially considering this is the guest bath, as well as the kid's main bathroom.

guest bath before

It needed a big overhaul then, but budget (and a little bit of fear) kept us from taking the plunge. So I went after that homely room with paint....and lots of it. We always talk about the power of paint, and this room is a true testimony to it! We painted the vanity, walls, light fixture...even the toilet handle! The only things we added were a new faucet and trim around the mirror. (See all the details and breakdown of the original makeover here.)

after 7

It still looks pretty good on the surface (and the cabinet is still organized!), but issues are hiding under all that paint. But a bathroom renovation is scary, and daunting, and totally overwhelming! Not to mention expensive. Right?! Well, maybe it doesn't have to be. What if you could find everything from one store, and your makeover was both stylish and affordable?!


What if you could create a fresh and modern bathroom, without breaking the bank, or wearing yourself thin trying to source all that goes in to it? Well, Lowes has challenged me to do just that! They insist I can have a brand-new bathroom...we're talking top-to-bottom...for less than $2,500! Well, we'll just have to see about that. Check back tomorrow for all the plans, inspiration and design board!

Have you ever remodeled a bathroom? Any tips or possible pitfalls you can send my way?!


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