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Happy, happy Friday! We've enjoyed another week of 'only-child life,' but our son comes home from his final week of Summer camp tomorrow...so ready to be a family of four again! Well, Mr. SP and I are...Babygirl quite likes being the center of attention. Sunday is the final day of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (only 3 more days!), so she and I browsed online one last time this week...I thought I'd share what we found, and give you our real-life reviews. (See Part 1 of our sale review here.)

1) When these Hudson jeans arrived (thank you Nordstrom for fast and free shipping!), I still wasn't sold on keeping them. True they are $70 off the regular price, but still more than I typically spend on jeans. So I let the Mister be the judge...

Me: Babe, will you tell me how you like these jeans?
Mr. SP: Sure, turn around. I have to look at the butt.
Me: (slowly and apprehensively turning)
Mr. SP: YES!
Me: But, what about...
Mr. SP: YES!
Me: I haven't even...
Mr. SP: YES!

Looks like I'm keeping the jeans. They have a slight bootcut to them, so they look great with heels (these leopard heels, to be exact), but not so much that I can't comfortably tuck them in boots. I'm told the jeans will stretch, so buy them snug...I went with my usual size and they fit great. And no bootie gap at the waist...WOOT! The blouse is perfect for dressing up or down, alone or under a blazer, but runs big. I could also walk all day in these wedge boots!

Hi Sugarplum | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

2) The item I was most excited about are these booties. I love that the shade goes well with both brown and black, they are a little edgy with the studded strap, and the heel is a comfortable height. I had to go up half a size, and now they fit perfectly. I love the blouse too, with the fun sleeves and notched neckline. It runs really big though...I'm wearing a Petite XS. And I'm not usually a petite in tops. The bag is a total steal at $35...there's been some talk about it being on the orange side. Mine is definitely cognac, and these pics represent the shade well. Of course I can't help zhushing it up, and have already added a pom-pom to mine.

Hi Sugarplum | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

3) Moving on to the teenager...whom I think loves this sale more than me! He knows it's his one chance to get the brands he wants...because mama don't pay full retail! He was most excited about this pullover. I was thrilled to find him jeans with a good fit, and Nikes that weren't $100.

Hi Sugarplum | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

See the smirk? That means he feels good in the clothes. As he should....El Guapo!!

Hi Sugarplum | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

4) Now it's little Miss's turn...who looks to be days away from starting a fashion blog! Where'd this big girl come from?! #gulp I wish I could say I dress her...but she definitely has her own ideas and opinions. I'm just along to make sure they adhere to our modest dress code...and to pay, of course. This skirt is actually a dress with fun striped sleeves...it's a little short as a dress, but would be great as a tunic with leggings. The only reason she's ready to go back to school is for the shoes...she's not allowed to wear them until then. But she did sneak the leopard vest last week.

Hi Sugarplum | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

Do you see this smile?! It's no wonder I caved and bought her Hudson jeans!! #Ivelostmymind But with this great sale, they were about the same price as Gap jeans.

Hi Sugarplum | Nordstrom Sale picks

5) We'll end this little family shopping trip with my main man's selection...talk about El Guapo! But don't tell him, it's from Santa.

 North Face Jacket under $100!

I also picked up this throw and this candle trio as Christmas gifts. And peace-out...we are done!! I cringe every year to spend so much in one spell, but it's such high quality stuff, I know we'll keep it for years. And in a few days, it'll all be back to full price!!

So what have you scored from the big sale? Are you checking it out one last time this weekend? Our vacation is around the corner, so I'll likely spend the weekend cleaning for the house/dog sitters. Yikes, housekeeping has definitely taken a backseat this Summer! Happy weekend, lovebugs!

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