Happy Monday to you, friends. I hope your weekend was glorious. We left our sweet Maggie at home with the house/dog sitter, and headed out for a family vacation Saturday. After a busy school year, and the kids being spread out all Summer, we are relishing the time spent with just each other. No friends, no TV, no video games, no practices...just us, and the island! I'm posting some of the sights and shenanigans on InstaGram, so follow along if you'd like!

I was a busy-bee before we left though, and am super excited to share a full room makeover with you in the coming days. Well, calling it a room might be a stretch, since it's actually a 6 1/2 x 9-foot Entrance Hall. But the foyer is first thing you and your guests see and feel when coming in, so you want it to be a welcome and inviting space.

Over the years, ours has gone through some changes.

When we first moved in....

Then there was a slight improvement when we painted the doors black.

After awhile, we built a large wall mirror and jazzed it up with a zebra rug and accessories.

Then we framed the wall mirror and layered it with a starburst mirror.


Things were definitely brighter, but it was lacking color...so down went a new red rug to coordinate with the red ceiling in the adjoining Dining Room. And this is how it's looked for the last few years...until the plant died. And while the progress was slow good, it still didn't reflect the welcoming warmness I wanted to feel when coming home. Nor were we getting any function out of the space.

Hi Sugarplum | Rug Updates

So I started over, and built this room layer by layer...and could not be happier with the final outcome! I'll be sharing those steps and layers with you in the coming days, and I hope you'll follow along, and be inspired!

Hi Sugarplum | 5 Steps to a Fab Foyer

We can't have Afters without Befores...so here's the space, mostly cleared out. The wall mirror isn't coming down without bringing the dry wall with it, so it stays. And the walls and doors will get painted sooner or later, but not part of this makeover.

Hi Sugarplum | Evolution of an Entrance Hall (before)

Hi Sugarplum | Evolution of an Entrance Hall (before)

Hi Sugarplum | Evolution of an Entrance Hall (before)

We'll start with the floor tomorrow! Do you have a fabulous foyer that reflects your home, or does it need a makeover?!


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