Hello, lovebugs!! We are back from our family adventure trip, and I absolutely can't wait to share the details with you guys! After I sort through all 1892 pictures, that is. And the piles of laundry, and empty refrigerator. Not to mention my inbox. It feels good to be back home, but I'm always a little blue after returning from vacation...instead of feeling rejuvenated to tackle life again, I'm slow to integrate back in to the real world. I guess that's the sign of a really good vacation, right?! I'll snap out of as soon as I get paint on my hands again.

And it really was an amazing time for our little family, full of memories they'll hopefully always remember. (Lots of sneak peeks on InstaGram here.)

Hi Sugarplum

I knew my kids were pretty flexible and adaptable, but it was incredible to see just how much. They handled delays, late nights, cramped spaces, long days, and no air-conditioning like champs, with barely any complaining. You parents know it's not a total vacation if your kids come along, because you don't get to hang up your 'mommy hat,' (or drop f-bombs), but these two really stepped up to the plate and took responsibility for themselves. It's so rewarding to see your kids becoming self-sustaining humans. *gulp*

Hi Sugarplum

And because I'm just as shallow as I am deep, let's swing the conversation to nails. I tried a Shellac manicure for the first time before we went out of town, and I'm hooked! Pay no attention to my claw-hand, but notice after 12 days, my nails look like I just stepped out of a salon! After traveling, packing, digging in the sand, and swimming...not a single chip! I have no idea how it comes off or what I'm supposed to do about the new growth though. Are you a Shellac/Gel convert?

Hi Sugarplum

My adorable friend Shay has a fun monthly series, where she invites a blogger over for a slumber party...and this month it was me! We dished about everything from food to fashion, and travel to family. It was really fun, and I was honored to be featured on her rockstar blog. And several readers wanted details about my skirt in the family pics...it's no longer available, but it's similar to this one.

And I can't let St. Patrick's Day slide without showing you an adorable treat that looks really easy to whip up...Rainbow & Pot of Gold cake. Just bake a regular round cake, cut in half to make two semi-circles, and stand them up with the cut sides down. Use frosting to hold it all together and decorate with rainbow candies. The pot of gold is a chocolate-frosted shortcake shell with chocolate gold coins. So cute, right? Babygirl has her eye on it for yet another Rainbow Arty Party.

Andrew Purcell for Parade; Food styling, Liz Duffy, Prop styling, Stephanie Hanes

What's new with you guys!? I hope today is on 'Island Time' for all of us!


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