I want everyone to get their clicker-fingers ready, because this is likely to be my most heavily-pinned post. Remember when I showed you guys all the inspiration I'd gathered to help inspire me to organize the hot mess I call my craft storage? I've been busy over the last couple of weekends, slowly chipping away at the project. Well, this isn't the state of things.

Craft Closet: Use Your Resources
We're actually looking like this...


Sorry, I should have warned you. Hopefully you long-term readers saw the sarcasm red flag! Actually, the situation isn't quite as dire...there's been a little more progress...


Can you see the semblance of organization starting to form? Yeah, me neither. The mess is making me absolutely crazy, but I'm encouraged just knowing I'm moving forward on the project I avoided for four years. I've gathered all the supplies in one room, purged the junk, and sorted them by category. Now I get to figure out how to move them all into this little sliver of closet space. After I clean out the closet. Of course.


Look who's helping me....not real encouraging.


It always gets worse before it gets better, right? Darkest before the dawn? Can't see the forest through the trees? Never eat yellow snow? Wait, wrong cliche. Either way, wish me luck.

I just can't leave you with such cringe-worthy images, so let's end the post with the dress that's got me dreaming of Spring. I likely wouldn't throw my arms in the air and dance on diving boards while wearing it though. Oh, who am I kidding?! Of course I will!

Eliza J Scarf Print Woven Maxi Dress
Scarf Print Woven Maxi Dress


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