Last week I revisited our 2013 Home Goals list, and graded our progress on the projects. Granted it was a liberal grading system, since I like to be teacher's pet. I had thought making a list of specific projects would give me some direction and help keep me on track....turns out, not so much.

That said, my mind tends to race with ideas and possibilities. I have so many things I want to do, but just don't know where to start. Instead of being inspired, I end up paralyzed. This is true for most areas of my life, too, not just home decor. Laura wrote a great post about actually doing the work, instead of just spending all your time thinking and planning for it.

don't think too much

I realized that's exactly what I do with every project idea...I make lists, think of 10 different options and ways to execute it, worry which is the best and most efficient method, and how I will present it to you guys....basically turn it over and over in my head and on paper until I'm paralyzed with indecision. I get overwhelmed by the weight of what I intend to to, which is far heavier than the task itself. So it just sits in my brain, creating stress.

Yep. Too true.

I can point to just about every area of my house and tell you what I plan to do "someday." And I don't mean just the things we need to save up for, like whole-room makeovers and costly renovations. But the small, cosmetic tweaks that would only require a few dollars and even fewer hours. Why do I leave those for someday? Why don't I just pick one and start? What am I afraid of?!


So I'm going to adapt Laura's mantra of, Do the Work...and I'm also going to add on...Just Start Somewhere! With all the time I spend thinking about doing something, I could have already done it. In fact, I could have done it, then done it again if the first time didn't work out! It's kind of like having a baby...there's never a perfect time, you just jump. Did I just compare painting shelves to having a baby? Maybe...but you get my gist, right?

So this year's Home Goals are mostly the projects that I've continually avoided, for no reason other than indecision, and the fear of imperfection. I hope that by stating my plans in writing, I'll just start somewhere.

 beautiful isn't perfect

1) I continually tell my kids that having a messy room will stifle their creativity, and cloud their focus. Yet, I'm a DIY Home/Craft blogger...and my supplies are a hot mess. They are literally stashed in 4 different rooms, on shelves, and under beds. I couldn't tell you if I'm out of ModPodge or low on pom-poms. I probably have 5 tubes of the same pink paint, because instead of finding one, I buy another. Talk about stifling and unproductive! I've been thinking about organizing them for 4 years, and have pinned countless images for inspiration. Yet this is just a sample of the state of things...

Hi Sugarplum | Organizing Before

Hi Sugarplum | Organizing Before

Hi Sugarplum | Organizing Before

And the funny thing is, we have a spare bedroom with a spare closet! I have the space, and it's calling my name! I may not come up with the best craft organization solution ever, but I know my first step will be better than this.

2) Every day I stand in front of my jewelry and say, 'I have got to do something about this.' But I don't know what, so I don't do anything. And then I wear the same necklace/bracelet/earrings every day because I can't get to anything else. I have some ideas...they might not be perfect...but they are better than this.

Hi Sugarplum | Organizing Before

3) The yellow undertones of this room have annoyed me for years. There are so many color swatches on the wall, that now the room looks like a patchwork quilt. I may never find the perfect pale gray, but having one, even if it's not quite right, on the walls, will feel better than the daily (yellow) reminder of my indecision.


4) I remember using this secretary to play 'office' when I was a little girl spending the night with my grandparents. It was given to them on their wedding day, and now I'm thrilled to own it. But it needs some love...not just to look better, but so it can last another generation. I've been intimidated because it's so sentimental, and keep finding excuses to avoid it. What's the worst that can happen anyway? #famouslastwords


5) When we started tweaking Babygirl's Room last year to better suit her interests, I realized it was her third room design. And our Son has had two since we lived in this house. Guess how many our bedroom has had? None. We moved the furniture in 8 years ago, and that was it. It's also become the furniture know, the place you stash random pieces of furniture because you don't have anywhere else to put it? I'll show you more soon, but it's time to put our sanctuary on the front burner.

Hi Sugarplum | Master Bedroom Before

Of course I have a million other small and big ideas, some I'll get to this year, others I won't. But just moving forward, starting somewhere, will be a positive step in helping me trust myself and my decisions. In life and paint colors.

Do you get locked-up and over-think things, too? What would you start today if you weren't frozen with indecision? I don't have any problem helping other people make choices, why is it so hard to make our own?


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