Knowing you're going to be in a major metropolitan newspaper, and then actually seeing your giant mug on the cover of said newspaper, are two totally different things. I'll admit, I woke up unnaturally early Saturday morning to grab our copy of the Dallas Morning News off the porch (Yes, we subscribe to the newspaper. No, I'm not 65.)

We knew the feature was scheduled to run, but we had no idea it'd be the lead story. Or that a giant picture of me would be plastered unretouched on the cover! Taking a photo of me wasn't even in the plans...the photographer sprung it on me at the end of our shoot. Surely if I'd known, I'd have washed my hair, right?! Well, maybe.

Hi Sugarplum | Washi Tape feature

The story was: Dallas' Next Crafting Obsession: Washi Tape, and they asked me to create five simple projects with it. Since I'm fairly obsessed with the cute tapes, I was more than happy to oblige!

Hi Sugarplum | Easy Washi Tape Projects

Decorate 4 x 4-inch ceramic tiles
Add felt or cork pads to the bottom

Hi Sugarplum | Easy Washi Tape Projects

Jazz up plain white or kraft paper boxes & gift tags
Or add the tape to plain wrapping paper for custom designs

Hi Sugarplum | Easy Washi Tape Projects

Add tape to the outside of recycled spaghetti and jelly jars
Would be a cute pen holder, too

Hi Sugarplum | Easy Washi Tape Projects

Transform basic switchplates

Hi Sugarplum | Easy Washi Tape Projects

Hang artwork on a stainless steel fridge, where magnets won't stick
Tape peels right off, with no residue
Add tape to corners of artwork, or create whole frames around it

Hi Sugarplum | Easy Washi Tape Projects

A big thanks to the awesome reporter, Jamie Knodel, and photographer, Vernon Bryant, for the fun experience. And huge thanks for all the sweet words and support from you guys!!! You can read my interview with Jamie on Dallas News.

So spill it...are you crazy about Washi? What projects have you created with it? I'd love to see and be inspired!! How about an impromptu link party so we can all share our inspiration?!!


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