Happy Friday, sweet friends! Hasn't it been a fun week getting to really know your favorite bloggers?! Is it just me, or are the random tidbits about a person the most interesting? I'm excited to close the week with one of my longest online friends...Emily A. Clark!

 If Blogland were high-school, Emily would be Prom Queen. She's gorgeous, sweet, funny, classy, honest...and crazy talented! And she's wearing that crown while raising five kids! I love her tips on Working With What You Have, and her Home Office is my all time favorite.

20 Questions - Emily

What is your road trip essential snack?
Candy--because it's obviously not fattening if you eat it while on the road. . . Sour patch kids, SweetTarts, anything that's pure sugar will do.

You've been handed two free round-trip tickets...who are you taking and where are you going?
I really hate to fly, but if they gave me the two tickets plus a sedative, I'd take my husband and fly to Hawaii. I've never been, and the flight might cause me to never go.

What was your high school jam?
I'm a longtime New Kids on the Block fan. So, it was probably them. Or was that middle school? I can't remember.

Would you rather have a perfect bum, or a flawless face?
I'll go for the face. I could always cover up my behind with cute clothes.

What shows are you ashamed to admit are on your DVR?
I should probably be ashamed of my Real Housewives addiction. I also DVR'd the Miss America pageant but still haven't watched it. . .

What's your ringtone?
The same one that came with the phone. I'm so boring.

How old were you when you had your first kiss? Was it meh or toe-curling?
Suddenly, I have amnesia. . . Strange.

Do you have any siblings, and if so, where are you in the birth order?
I'm the oldest of three. I have a younger sister and a younger brother.

What was your first car, and did you name it?
It was my Dad's Plymouth Sundance. There was no time to name it. I totalled it a few months after I started driving.

What would you request for your last supper?
My mom's lasagna.

Have you ever been hospitalized, and if so, what for?
Just to have my babies.

How tall are you? Do you wish you were taller, shorter...or are you just right?
5'3. I'm good with that.

Do you prefer to DIY or hire it out?
Depends on the job--and, the cost to hire someone. If I had a money tree, I'd probably love DIY projects a little less than I do now.

What do you eat for breakfast?
Lately, coffee. And, sometimes, the rest of my son's smoothie.

What would you do for a living if you didn't need money?
If anyone would listen, I'd be a singer.

Finish this sentence: Every room needs....
Lamps. I hate the feel of a room that just has overhead lighting.

How frequently do you wash your hair? Do you have any hair secrets or tricks?
2-3 times per week. I've been using dry shampoo lately, which helps some. I also wear a lot of ponytails.

Will you leave the house without makeup?
Yes! Some days, there's just no time.

You just unloaded your Halloween haul...what candy do you go for first?
Reese's peanut butter cups.

What totally inane talent do you possess?
I'm *pretty good* at drawing women's faces. And, I think I rock at Wii Dance. My family might disagree. . .

I finally get the chance to meet Emily, since we're both speaking at the Haven Conference this Summer. She doesn't know it yet, but we're total BFF. Totally. Wonder if I can get her to draw my portrait?!

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