How about that for a reach-out-and-grab-you post title?! I thought it sounded better than, "A Whole Bunch of Important, But Random Shizz, All Rolled Into One Post." How about I stop rationalizing my poor title skills, and just jump right into the random pot I have for you today.

First was your weekend?! Ours was busy and fast-paced, and I think I started a bunch of projects, but didn't quite finish anything. You know the kind of weekend I'm talking about! My son has decided he's too cool old for his animal art wall, so we're giving his room a little tween update. Definitely not a makeover, just a few cosmetic changes.


One involves building an over-sized frame, so I popped over to my handy neighbor's...who happens to have every tool ever made...including this sweet saw thingie. After making miter cuts with a rusted old hand saw, I practically wept at the ease of this baby. Can you believe this was my first time using any kind of power tool, other than a drill?! What kind of sham DIY blogger am I?!


I also used a nail gun and a I'm officially too legit to quit! I think my neighbor just became my new best friend. Unless I scared him with my borderline-hysterical laugh/cry after every cut.


So on to the exciting news...I've been asked to speak on a panel at the Haven Conference in Atlanta this August! Obviously, it's not a session on power tools, or how to make anything with just a glue gun. I’ll be part of a group discussing social media, and can’t wait to meet the other bloggers who will be there. Are any of you planning to attend?!!!

Screen Shot 2012-12-26 at 11.15.23 AM

And finally, today I'm over at Carmel's blog, running my mouth about the Seven Wardrobe Essentials. I don't know why she asked me...the girl is gorgeous and has amazing style! But, I can't wait to follow her series all week, and read the secrets the other stylish bloggers dish out! Hop over to Our Fifth House to read my closet must-haves!

Happy Monday, friends!


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