I'm not much for making specific resolutions, but rather always strive to live a peaceful and joyous life. After the slower pace of the past few weeks, I'm determined to take each day as it comes, appreciate the moments it brings, and just enjoy every bit of it! Megan said it beautifully in her post, Less and More....so I suppose I do resolve to try and focus on what matters most, and really live this full life I've been so blessed with.

That said, my mind tends to race with ideas and possibilities...so I thought making a specific list of home goals, that fit within our budget, would help me focus.

The Kids Bath (which also doubles as the main Powder Room), received a makeover a few years ago, but there was always one place it was lacking.

after 7

The white ceiling clashes with the stripes, and just feels unfinished...so I plan to finally paint it....and I'm thinking color! Or maybe just the same shade as one of the stripes. After all, it is the fifth wall, right?


The small Entrance Hall has slowly evolved, and while I love the black doors, they've always felt a little flat and cold to me. I'd love to give them a warmer tone....and I think it's time to add a shot of color somewhere, too.


Last year I started four room makeovers....and none of them are complete. Sure, there's been a lot of progress, and there's no rush or deadline, but it drives me nuts to have them half done. I know crossing off each of their Project To-Do Lists won't mean the rooms are 'complete,' but I'll feel better!

Starting with the Dining Room:

Dining Room greek key rug

(click links to see completed project)

New Drapes

New Wall Color

What to do with the Piano?

Repair Piano Leg

Replace Lampshade on Piano
Wall Art?

And the Family Room:

Target Gold Magazine Rack


Paint Mantle
Find Desk Chair
Paint/Stain/Replace Sofa Legs
Re-Hang Art Over Chair
Decide Fate of Rugs
New Light Fixture
Window Coverings
Decide Fate of Matching Tables

And the Breakfast Room:

may2 042

* Finish painting the chairs
* Do something to the Fig basket so it's not so matchy with the bar chairs
* Consider amping up the drum shade

The Living Room has come a loooooong way, but all I see when I sit in the room are the things left unfinished.

hi sugarplum how to chop pillows (6)

Especially this secretary, which was given to my grandparents as a wedding gift, and I'm fortunate to own now. It's not in terrible condition, but I know she can shine after a good sanding and new stain. I've never tackled anything like this, so that uncertainty kept me from it last year.


And prime example of a room never being truly complete, only recently have I realized I'd like to do something with the wall of windows in the Living Room...paint the door, add trim, blinds or drapes...I'm not sure. But I am sure it they need something! And after two years, it's time to wrap this room and do a proper Reveal post!



Paint Hall Chest

Paint/Wallpaper Nook Walls

Paint Backdoor (decided against it)

Add Nailhead to Wingchair

Sand & Stain Secretary

Gold Leaf Back of Secretary

And I touched on this yesterday, but our busy life has led to a jumbled mess in almost every cabinet and closet. In order for us to live more productively, I need to create some order. Our storage space is fairly limited, but there's no question I'm not using what we have to the fullest.

bathroom cabinets

I refuse to get overwhelmed by my list, because what's the fun in having everything done?! I'll just tackle them one at a time, and enjoy each process and project along the way. And of course we'll have a whole gaggle of craft and DIY projects, recipes, traveling and fashion...sound good? What goals have you set for your home this year? Is any of it ever done...and do you ever really want it to be?!


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