In a recent issue of House Beautiful, they visited the homes of Americans living in the Bahamas, Kenya, Paris and Mexico. Each was the perfect blend of the owner's American style, combined with their new global influence. I love to peek inside homes when Mr. Sugarplum and I travel, and imagine what it would be like to have a little apartment on a Paris side street, or wake up every day to crashing waves on a white-sand beach. All sound like utter bliss...and I had a hard time deciding which locale and decor appealed to me most.

This Bahamian home is the perfect blend of Caribbean and preppy, full of bright spaces and blue accents.

This compound of thatched-roof cottages in Kenya is indoor-outdoor living at it's best.

This Paris apartment is on the top floor of an elegant 18th-century townhouse, and full of lacquered walls, heavy drapes and velvet....and an unlimited supply of chocolate croissants!

They refer to this home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, as a 'minimalist hacienda,' but it looks pretty max to me...especially those brick ceilings!

Mr. Sugarplum and I have been to Paris, so I can see myself there. And our Pool Bathroom was inspired by our love of San Miguel, so obviously we have a heart for that decor, too. Our Living Room looks most like the house in the Bahamas, but we also have rustic touches like the Kenyan home in our Family Room. That's what's so grand about American style...anything and everything goes, as long as it brings you happiness at home...wherever that may be! Which of these places appeals to you? Would you live abroad if given the choice?


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