I love a good "go to" bag...

Something stylish and easy, but still sexy and trendy.

Edgy and cool but with a feminine sensibility...

Something that screams

"look at how fantastic I am, I have a clutch!!"

we all need a bit of this in our lives...

ladies...am I right?

Maybe you have, maybe you haven't been privy to THIS fab boutique yet...

well...if not
let me introduce you to 

Kelsea, the brains behind the operation,
has generously offered up for you, one of the clutches in her gorge collection!!!!!!

Not just any old clutch...

the super cute

super on pastel trend

super springy


UMMMMM you guys are soooo lucky!

So how do you win such a beaute?

one must follow such steps as these

1. Go and follow K. Slademade on Twitter HERE

2. Just head on over and "like" them on Facebook HERE

3. Follow me on Twitter HERE

4. Follow me formally on this here BLOG

5. I guess go like me on Facebook HERE

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