Remember when I said that I was praying that my little G would be the best little girl ever and obey my wishes for her to leave her raging tantrums at home.


Remember when I said I hoped that the dreaded jet lag would skip her sweet self and that she would fall right back into a dream sleep/awake ratio??


 none of that happened.

She screamed and fidgeted and cried and flipped out the whole damn plane ride. The last 2 hours she finally fell asleep. And let me tell you, I have never wanted to cry so hard in my life!!!!!!

Tired doesn't begin to express how I am feeling. I am praying that my solo mommy and G (Sans Duck) journey on the way home will be less painful.

The whole experience has me craving a little mental escape

I have cocktails on the brain...

today's WKBAY


are you a fuity lady cosmo cocktail? 

Are you a minty mojito?
Are you a skinny girl margarita with an extra shot of patron? 
 Are you a very dirty vodka martini with extra blue cheese olives?
 are you a lay by the pool pina colada princess?

If I am honest, right now I would drink all of these drinks one after the other.

Normally I favor myself a Dirty Martini with extra blue cheese olives!

and on school nights I drink skinny girl margs with extra patron!


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