Yesterday I was doing another installment at client awesome's pad!

It's not quite there yet, but it is coming along lovely. 

Here are a couple of sneaky views of whats happening down at the beach.

I would show you the whole shebang.....but,  

I am holding out for some fancy pants magazine to swoop on in and call first dibs on this project.


House Beautiful, Elle listening?

Have your people call my people and we will do lunch.

If you need me I will be waiting patiently by the phone.....

There is still some key elements missing from the house...

None of the final artwork is in place yet...just some fillers.

Not all the fancy rugs are in


New drapes are down the road...

Awesome money don't grow on trees and shit!

Stay Tuned for those changes

In personal news, the Duck was off to Australia last night and I am so sad :(

I am in no way prepared to be Solo Momma for the next two weeks.

Actually to be honest, this two weeks is not what I am freaking out about...

you see, the Duck and I are going to the UK in March for 3 weeks when he gets back from OZ which will be fun and awesome to see the fam.


After our little rendezvous with the Ducks fan in Britain is up, I am flying back home to L.A. SOLO with G (she is 2) to be home alone again for 7 weeks while the Duck stays on tour in Europe!


What the FUCK am I going to do for 7 weeks by myself with G and no Duck to cook for us and do manly things like build a raised garden box for spring vegetables OR fix up the bathrooms??

7 weeks is a long ass time.

there will be tears and emotional rants..for sure

Hopefully I can count on you lovers for some moral support.....
or some xanax in the mail

Hey, I have a new client meeting tonight...

what am I,



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