G'morning Lovers.

Do you ever have a shape that just sticks with you?

I do

For some reason I have a love for these big graphic plus signs.

I think about them all the time although have yet to actually use them in decor projects or in my own home even. 

These images remind me that I needs to be adding some BIG & bold plus signs very soon.

Don't like red, here are some more options!

{all images and sources on my Pinterest}

What do you think?

Do you see them as a cross, or as a plus sign???

does it remind you too much of first aid, or the Red Cross?



OK let me first tell you that even though I feel better and proud of myself,

 I got a head cold and broke my toe in the process of trying to basically starve myself, detox years of toxins and lose 15 pounds.

I detoxed, I starved, but I didn't even come close to losing 15 pounds

 I am angry for being hungry for the past 7 days and feel like why did I bother?????

no seriously,

all I want to do is eat ice cream and drink 400 lattes a day.

Overall poundage lost was 6 although I am sure as soon as I think about eating cereal I will gain it all back.

Bull Crap!

Anyways, I do recommend the fast if you want to detox and "clean out" your system...

I don't recommend the fast, unless you want to be a miserable cow willing to eat a dog biscuit to get your carb fix!

There I SAID IT!


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