I've never totally thought of myself as a home blogger, or a DIY blogger...probably because I don't have any design training nor own power tools. But also because I'm interested in too many things to stay true to a single niche. I guess if I had to label it, I'd be a lifestyle blogger....which basically gives me a free pass to write about whatever I want.

I figure if you stop by on a day I'm blabbing about food, and you happen to be fasting (what are you thinking?!), then you'll just move on. Same is true for fashion....maybe you're a nudist, or you don't care for my style...but I love creating outfits as much as creating rooms, so I share it here. Many are shown in the {Outfit Inspiration} posts, but I thought it'd be fun to share my more casual, everyday outfits in a new series called Sugarplum Style.

Sugarplum Style - Hashtag

You can follow along on InstaGram using #SugarplumStyle, but these are the most popular from the past month.

Striped Tee | Yellow Shorts | Leopard Belt (similar)
Tortoise Watch | Wishbone Necklace (similar)

Striped Dress | Cardigan | Statement Necklace (similar) | Watch | Gold Flip Flops

As this series continues (I'll run it every three weeks or so), you'll see how I recycle the same affordable items over and over, yet create new looks each time. I don't think you need a lot of clothes to have a big wardrobe. What's your everyday style? Clearly mine involves stripes.


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