I remember when my kids were really young, and it was so much fun to shop for them, and dress them in cute little outfits. Then they got opinions of their own, and it was a little less fun because we no longer shared the same opinion of 'cute,' when it came to clothes. Shopping became even less fun when they began outgrowing clothes and shoes that were hardly worn! Not to mention, their taste became more and more expensive, so every trip to the store ended in a battle over budget.

So I was thrilled when Kohl's offered to lighten the burden and send them back-to-school shopping this year. My son, however, wrinkled his nose at the prospect of shopping somewhere other than the mall. Until, that is, he saw all the great brands Kohl's carries...like Nike, Adidas, Fila and Levi's.(Not to mention Vera Wang, Jennifer Lopez and Lauren Conrad, hello!?)

Hi Sugarplum | Back to School Shopping

It didn't take him long to round up a bunch of great stuff for school and weekends. And since the prices are so reasonable (and there are always extra sales and discounts!), I was able to agree to most everything.

Hi Sugarplum | Back to School Shopping Picks
Tennis Shoes | Shorts | Athletic Shorts | Sweatshirts | Blazers | Jeans | Socks

The only thing my daughter cares about are shoes, so she spent most of her time in that department, while I snatched up some cute and comfortable outfits for her. They even have a great selection of dressier items and dance/gymnastics leotards.

Hi Sugarplum | Back to School Shopping Picks
Shoes | Hoodies | Tops | Jeans | Dresses | Leotards

The kids were having so much fun checking out the store, that I was able to explore the Home, Kitchen and Organizing departments. I swear this store has everything but food!

Hi Sugarplum | Back to School Shopping Picks
Bedding | Baskets | Kitchen Appliances | Lamps | Rugs | Flatware

We left with armloads of new things, but somehow still managed to save more money than we spent!? How is that possible? And since we got all the shopping done in one spot, we weren't worn out and bickering. That's priceless!

Hi Sugarplum | Back to School Shopping

Do you look forward to or dread back-to-school shopping? Will your kids wear anything you lay out for them? Well, enjoy that while you can! Happy weekend, lovebugs!


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