I knew March was a busy month for us...I just didn't realize how busy until I started rounding up the Top Ten projects and posts! I guess the beginning of Spring temperatures had me fired up and frisky. No telling what's going to happen when the good weather really rolls around.

So just in case you gave up blogs for Lent, here's what you missed last month around these parts.

Hi Sugarplum | Top Ten Projects of March

Outdoor entertaining requires cute serving ware. So I whipped up a bright Dry Erase Tray.
Our Breakfast Room Chairs are finally all white. And have dipped legs.
I found a surprising way to keep my Earrings Organized.

Hi Sugarplum | Top Ten Projects of March

We ate road-tripped through the Texas Hill Country for Spring Break.
For a mere $15, we have a swanky, updated Garage Door.

Hi Sugarplum | Top Ten Projects of March

Look out Kate Spade. I took Gold Dots in to my own hands.
Stripes & Floral. My favorite outfit to date.
I can finally see everything in our Master Bathroom Cabinets, thanks to an episode afternoon of organizing.

Hi Sugarplum | Top Ten Projects of March

Can piano legs be sexy? Mine are!
Meet the Otomi Table, my new sister wife.

Thank you for reading and following along, your support means so much to me. Stick around, because I've got some pretty cool things brewing in April! Happy weekend, lovebugs!

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