Don't you love when companies re-brand themselves and come out with new logos and signage, in an attempt to convince us they are a fresh new store that we must check out?! Like we're suddenly going to forget they were the stores where our grandmothers shopped? I always thought JC Penneys was like Sears....a flagship store in the mall, but always on that wing with none of the good stores. But now they are known as JCP...and may actually have done more than just overhaul their logo!

The new concept includes a series of mini-shops within the store, each pairing with a well-known designer. Basically what Target did for us years ago. I haven't visited the store yet, but so far I really like these collections I've seen online!

Joe Fresh is a popular, inexpensive Canadian brand I've been pining over for years, and we're finally getting a taste of it stateside!

Hi Sugarplum | Style Finds at JCP

Duro Olowu is a Nigergian-born, London-based designer...who admittedly, I'd never heard of...but anyone described as "The master of mixing, with a riot of color" is someone I need to know! His shop is a fun collection of apparel, shoes, jewelry and home decor.

Hi Sugarplum | Style Finds at JCP

And finally, everybody's favorite color company, Pantone, has a fun collection for the bedroom and bath.

Hi Sugarplum | Style Finds at JCP

They've also added Pearl by Georgina Chapman, Assets by Spanx, and Cosabella Amore....all with price tags you'd expect from an affordable store like Penneys. Sorry, JCP. Word is Martha Stewart is on her way, too, and Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler is set to open this month. I think it's time for a field trip to the lonely wing of the mall...who's with me? Have you been to JCP lately!?


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