My aunt has our entire family over every Christmas Eve for lunch...and while we love spending the day together, it's her sweet and spicy pecans that have us all vying for invites. She serves them in a salad with green apples, but truthfully, I long to face-plant directly in the jar. I wrestled the recipe out of her, and made my own batch...with playoff football in full swing, they've been the perfect game-time snack.

 Sweet & Spicy Killer Pecans

pecan recipe
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 Sweet & Spicy Killer Pecans

They make a pretty cute homemade gift, as well. If you can stand to part with them. Who doesn't love crunchy, sweet and spicy all in one pop-in-your-mouth treat?! Git in mah belly!

Sweet & Spicy Killer Pecans

Are you whipping up any great snacks, or are you all-cooked-out after the holidays?

One of my all-time favorite bloggers,  Emily A Clark, asked me to participate in her 5 Questions series. I answered last year, which means I have no recollection of what I said. Hop over there today, for my hopefully semi-intelligent and un-embarrassing answer!

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