I am having too much fun going through all your awesome Christmas Craft Projects linked up yesterday! If you haven't yet, go check them out for oodles of holiday inspiration and ideas!

November was a busy and eventful month, and now that Christmas is here (how'd that happen?!?), it's only going to get crazier! I'm so thankful for those of you who stop in every day, every week, or every Leap Year. In case you dozed off somewhere along the way, here's a recap of November.

 November Top Ten

 I had my first sewing experience. Tears were shed, and a bag was birthed.
My daughter's Art Center kicked it up a notch in the organization department.

November Top Ten

I channeled FLOTUS in my Election Day {Outfit Inspiration}.
After six months of a rat cord nest, the Family Room TV was mounted and the cords disguised in the walls.
Ryan Gosling and I celebrated our birthday. Mine was a big one, but with my many years, came an epiphany.

November Top Ten

The season's first Christmas project...a simple Advent Calendar. (Loooove all your versions, thanks for sharing them with me!)
The Mudroom is now complete, but there were stages along the way...like Faux Board & Batten, and a new Wall Color and Light Fixture.

November Top Ten

I set my favorite table to date (I think I say that every time), a Glam & Natural beauty. Obviously you guys liked it too, since the dot burlap is sold out and nowhere to be found!
And finally, a project was crossed off the Dining Room list when the homely piano bench got fancified!

That's enough walking down memory lane. It's time to whip your mantles into a Christmas frenzy, because tomorrow Michelle keeps the Christmas Cheer link parties rolling, with Mantel Day. See you then!


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