Ahhhh, Monday....never my favorite day, but especially not this Monday, since it signals the end of a glorious weekend. It was packed with family fun and projects...but what made it so special was the time spent with new friends. I am so grateful that this blog has brought these girls to my life!

court & megan
Me, Courtney & Megan
Megan and I have seen each other several times since meeting through our blogs, but this was our first time meeting Courtney in person. I am so thrilled to no longer refer to her as 'my blog friend Courtney from California.' Now she's just, my friend Courtney! (You bloggers know what I mean...when you talk to someone in your 'real life' about a blog friend...you always have to preface. And even then the person looks at you funny.) Even our husbands hit it off and became fast friends!

One of the best parts was having them over to our house...watching them see it in person was funny. I guess pictures don't really show the whole package.

court & megan
Why yes I'm wearing the same outfit as my profile pic!

We also met a few blog readers while out-and-about the city (a first for me)! Even though my face turned beet-red and I clammed up like a Lohan in court, I loved meeting them, and was so glad they said 'Hi.' Thank goodness I wasn't picking my nose at the time (or was I?!)!

We had such a great weekend, and I'm already looking forward to next time...and hopefully meeting more of my online friends! Who wants to plan one big blogger party?! Have you met any of your blog friends in person? I've got tons I'd love to run in to!


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