Hi lovers!

So I have ants in my pants...

I have a plethora of lovely new clients here at AID and I wanna share each and every last detail with all of you, but I am keeping it cool and will share it bit by bit as things progress,

Like a tease....


I am pretty sure the Interior Design gods that be have got my back because I keep getting the greatest clients EVER!!!

I mean, how is it possible that I can get beautiful, smart, funny, and style savvy clients back to back with not a bad one in the bunch??

Am I being punked?
One of my newest clients is pretty much perfect in every way so I have lovingly dubbed her

"Client Pretty Much Perfect"

We are starting off with her teen daughters bedrooms and so far we have made some great progress...

Here is what we have come up with so far and after its all done I am pretty sure I might just move myself right on in.

So much cute in one room!

Stay tuned as I reveal more each week...

A big thanks to Meg for giving the Shoppe so much love yesterday on Shop Sweet Things!!!

if you didn't see go take a gander!


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