I have a four page front and back "To Do" list.

It's My 5 year wedding anniversary on Friday 

We are going to a Jimmy Eat World concert tonight

I am going away on a girls night to Palm Springs Saturday morning

I have a photo shoot next week with nothing to wear

I am having my house painted as we speak

2 wedding to go to with no dress or shoes to speak of for either of them

I have hired an awesome new sidekick design assistant

G's room sits untouched with nothing more than a big girl bed

I have an article to write

We are buying and selling a car

I have 4 amazing clients, 1 more potential added to the books for next week, 1 more waiting to sign contracts, and 3 e-design jobs. 

I would like to somehow squeeze horseback riding into this whole agenda and paint a huge canvas.

AND I am running for Mayor

bring it on!

Here are some pretties that are helping me check some shit off of my "to Do List"

any tips or hints or tricks or drugs would be greatly appreciated


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