I have been known to break rules and cross boundaries so out on this limb I crawl. Yesterday was a day filled with flash bulbs and world mustache competition champions.
{no seriously I am not kidding. 15" straight out StacheMan} 
I wish I could divulge more into it, however I have a gag order....and will most certainly have a hit on my head for leaking such precious information. 
I may or may not be sharing some really exciting news with you lovers very soon......here are a couple of images of whats been going on around here lately. BTW the fella with the camera is the said Moustache Champion... Again, I am not kidding.

Hmm..what could possibly be going on over at Amber Interiors?

Just to change the subject a little.... take a look at these pretty flowers I arranged to sit on my bedside table. Aren't they pretty!


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