Sweet baby Jesus, thank goodness it's Friday! It's been a hot-bed of bodily functions at our house all week, and I'm ready for everyone to be well! Just as Babygirl was feeling better from her bout of salmonella, we came home to discover Maggie had found the chocolate stash for our Advent Calendar! I posted my panic on Facebook, and everyone was so helpful! We called the vet and they recommended 'inducing vomit.' Let's just say that's not an experience I'll soon forget.

So let's leave all that behind and jump right in to this Friday Five, because I've got some goodies for you!

1) Holidays = Baking. But then there's the question of how to package those goodies for friends and neighbors. One of my favorite Brits, Rachie at A Chi Chi Affair, found the cutest printables for packaging cookie gifts! I've already printed off several copies and can't wait to get my bake on.

2) Speaking of Advent Calendars...one of our activities this week was 'Write a Letter to Santa.' Well it was a whole lot cuter thanks to this free printable from my adorable friend, Jen at I Heart Organizing. And if you take your letter to any Macy's store and drop it in their Santa Box, they'll donate $1 to Make-A-Wish Foundation! Pretty cool, right?

Elf on a shelf

3) Yesterday I posted a doozie of a Men's Gift Guide, and this post had great stuff for you and the gals in your life. But what about all those other people on your list who are so dang hard to buy for?! You know who I'm talking about! Well, I recently discovered Uncommon Goods, the coolest online shop full of the most creative and affordable gifts. I know you could find something great for teachers, parents, kids, and your great-uncle Buck. 

Hi Sugarplum | Uncommon Goods Picks

4) I was lucky enough to participate in Hunted Interior's round-up of fabulous ornaments this week. I don't know what I liked better....the gorgeous ornaments, or Kristin's amazing graphics! That girl has got serious skills. See for yourself here....

5) We've been having fun with Advent Calendars for years, but this is the first holiday season we added an Elf on the Shelf to the excitement. And I don't know who loves it more...me or the kids! I've been showing Faith (our elf) and her hijinks on InstaGram this week.

Hi Sugarplum | Elf on a Shelf
Christmas wishes with the Alphabet Game
Passed out in the bag of chocolate chips. Moderation, please, Faith!
Chilling in the freezer with her pal, Frosty. #seewhatIdidthere?
Oops, stayed in the freezer too long and caught a cold. Of course leaving her used Kleenex all over?!

I love seeing what others are doing with their elves, so I started a hashtag link on InstaGram: #HiSugarplumElfFun It's so much fun to scroll through all the creative ideas...not to mention really helpful when you realize late at night you haven't moved your elf that day! Here's just a few of my favorites this week.

 Elf on a Shelf fun
A new Keebler Elf!

Elf on a Shelf fun
A little switch-er-roo with the dog.

Elf on a Shelf fun
Kids seem to listen to the elves more than mommy.

Elf on a Shelf fun
Replaced all the family photos with himself.

Elf on a shelf
Thanks for the tip, Erin! This changes everything!

Do you have an Elf? I hope you'll play along with our hashtag fun...I'm featuring some each Friday in December. Oh, and the winner of the Wreath Depot fresh greenery has been announced here...was it you?! Happy weekend, lovebugs! I hope it's a healthy one for us all!


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