Hey, hey friends....give it up for Friday! As usual, lots going on around here....

1) The good news is, I made a few dollars on this wee lil blog last year. The bad news is, that means 1099s and taxes. I keep thinking if I ignore them, it will go away. But Uncle Sam has a funny way of flushing us out. Fortunately, Ms. Smarty Pants CPA, Sarah at Tucker Up, wrote a really clear and informative post about blogging and taxes. It will likely be my lifeline as I crawl my way through Turbo Tax. Eventually.


2) I've been doing a little bloggie housekeeping, and the comment section now has a 'Reply' function. This will be great for answering your questions, and responding to fun comments. (Especially those of you still pegged as No Reply! If you're not sure what I'm talking about, read here.) Feel free to reply to each other, too...think of it as the match.com of home bloggers.


The Project Gallery is also updated, and there's a handy little Pin It button at the bottom of each post. Oh, and InstaGram is now added to the gaggle of social media buttons in the sidebar, so you can stalk follow Hi Sugarplum anywhere. Yay for technology...and Thais at House 09 who did the fixes for me! So grab a donut and stay awhile.

3) Mr. Sugarplum and I discovered Breaking Bad about a month ago, and have already blown through all four seasons on Netflix! (Sleep is for the weak.) It's not for the faint-of-heart, but daaaaaaaaaaang is it good. We're having Walter White withdrawals...even though I despise him.

Now we're recording the new mini-series, The Bible, to watch with our kids. How's that for balanced TV viewing?


4) Last weekend we cleaned up the backyard in preparation for the Home Depot Patio Challenge with these lovely bloggers.


This weekend we'll dive in this box, occupying half the garage, to see what Home Depot sent us!

home depot box

5) And finally, our Project Fund would like to welcome back The Shopping Bag, as a returning sponsor. Check them out, and don't forget the 10% off for Hi Sugarplum readers!

The Shopping Bag

What are you currently watching? Have you started your taxes? Have you ever received a box the size of a Smart Car?! Happy weekend, lovebugs!


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