Hey, hey, hey! How is everyone this fine Wednesday? I finally sucked it up and went to the doctor Monday...and after being on an arsenal of drugs for two days, I'm finally feeling better (and a little loopier loopy.) Everyone kept saying, "Oh, I'm so sorry you're sick on your birthday!" But the way I see it, I got to cut out of work early, take a nap, and catch a nice buzz! Win-Win!

This week's outfit post is a bit different...and totally fun! My (real-life) friend Sheaffer, over at Pinterest Told Me To, sent me some outfit ideas she found on Pinterest, and challenged me to recreate them using items in my closet. Being the kiss-ass over-achiever I am, I chose two!



Conceal your shock...I recently revealed that I do actually wear pants...and today I'm proving I wear jeans, too! See, I own clothes other than a-line skirts! Hop over to Sheaffer's to see my versions of these Pinspired outfits (I totally just made that word up, maybe I should copyright it). And while you're there, check out the adorable Sheaffer and all her fun outfits she creates based on Pinterest!

Oh, and I wasn't just teasing and toying last week when I talked about the Mudroom...progress has been made, and I'll show you tomorrow! Bam! (Totally loopy, I told you.)


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