Hey friends, and happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. We had a nice blend of total laziness, projects and family time. And I'm happy to report our marriage survived the assembly of our new Ikea Karlstad sectional!

hi sugarplum den (5)

The secret? I stayed in a different room while Mr. Sugarplum and my son put it together! I had the chore of washing the slipcovers, and then wrestling them on the pillow forms. Truthfully, I think I had the harder job. I'm the only one who broke a sweat anyway. Regardless, we're in love, and get so much satisfaction in all piling on the sofa together!

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After looking at many options, it was hard to beat Ikea's price. All the online reviews were positive, and many of you recommended it, too. {thank you!} We chose the Sivik Dark Gray cover for it's rich charcoal gray color, and machine wash-ability. It's very firm, but I'm hoping over time it will get more cushy.

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I happened to comment maybe we should paint or change out the sofa legs, but it was met with a glare. Perhaps moments after project completion wasn't the best time to suggest disassembling it.

hi sugarplum den (6)

The pillows are the same ones from our old sofa (R.I.P.), plus one new one I couldn't resist on my last West Elm run. The small size of the zebra rug, and the new sofa placement, cut the room in half, so we layered the large jute rug from the Dining Room under it.

hi sugarplum den (8)

The beloved knot mirror was off-centered and gave me a twitch every time I saw it, so I just took it down. I'm thinking this big expanse of wall needs a large statement.

hi sugarplum den (1)

hi sugarplum den (7)

I'm not sure about the matching coffee and end tables, so one of them might get a little DIY. The green boxes stacked in the side table are DVDs....probably a temporary spot, since we're still hashing out the other side of the room with the new TV and nook space.

hi sugarplum den (11)

We followed this floorplan, and were thrilled with how well everything fit. The wall that once held the sofa, now has just a chair, ottoman and side table. The pictures will need some adjusting, but I'm crazy for this little vignette. Obviously I need to take my own advice about hiding pesky lamp cords. I was too excited to show you pictures, than to pay attention to details.

hi sugarplum den (9)

Here's another angle, peeking into the Breakfast Room.

hi sugarplum den (10)

Since this room makeover was kick-started by our unexpected TV purchase, I haven't thought through a complete list of To-Dos yet...but a few are pretty obvious. Here's a wide shot to give you a better idea of furniture placement, and the pitch of the ceiling.

hi sugarplum den (4)

(linked items are complete)

Build Desktop
Mount TV & Hide Cords
Find Desk Chair
Hang Art Over Sofa
Paint/Stain Sofa Legs
Re-Hang Art Over Chair
Decide Fate of Rugs
New Light Fixture
Window Coverings
Decide Fate of Matching Tables

Okay, so I guess that's more than a few things. And yes, I'm still working on the Breakfast Room and Living Room lists. And the Dining Room has been thrown in the mix a few times, too. But oh well, I have plenty of project options for when the mood hits. How many rooms are you currently working on in your house? Is anyone else as scattered as me?!?


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