Blogging may start as an outlet for the writer, but it can soon spring board into a new career or life's direction. I love getting to know a blogger through their posts, then watching their successes. It's almost like we all get to share in that. I have a heart for a person with an entrepreneurial spirit; someone who takes a chance, and puts themselves on display for the world to see, and unfortunately, to judge. I think we should build each other up, and encourage those that have the nerve to expose their talents.

So with that speech, I'm starting a monthly {Blogger Spotlight} series that supports and applauds those bloggers that dared to reach their dreams, and share their talents with us.


Sarah Swanson of Flourish Design + Style has been a favorite blogger of mine for awhile, with a wicked eye for clean and sharp design. She opened her shop of affordable art, GALLERY WALL by Sarah Swanson Design, as an easy way to add character, personality, and charm to your home. Whether you're filling frames to build a gallery wall, or layering it in a bookcase, GALLERY WALL pieces will give you the boldness you want. And what's even better, is Sarah sells her original watercolors for only $10 each.

It's no wonder people scoop them up every time she stocks her shop.



Sarah also creates gorgeous room designs, with some highlighting her artwork.

The lovely Christine has used GALLERY WALL prints in her designs, as well. 

The inventory is constantly changing, and you're sure to find something to suit your style and color palette.

Bravo, Sarah!


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