Client Awesome:
"Amber, I have a huge project for you!!"

"Woohoo...what is it? Let me guess, you bought a new house and have a multi million dollar furniture/decor budget and want me to spear head the whole project??"

Client Awesome:

"Oh, OK...ummmmm, your pregnant and want me to do the nursery?"

Client Awesome:
"Nope.......Mr. Client Awesome needs an office makeover"

"Oh OK cool, I can start next month when things wind down"

Client Awesome:
"Nope you have one week from's 2,000 square feet and needs paint, decor, the whole shebang and it has to be awesome cause Flava Flave is coming here!! 
(Flava Flave was not coming but a similar big baller rappers "Team" is)

(I died from a heart attack and an aneurysm and I internally combusted into a giant ball of flames)

side note: I must be a certifiable nut case, a masochist for pain, stress, and meltdowns and a downright moron....

"Of course I'll do it!!!!"

you see...

I LOVE Client Awesome and I will bend over backwards for the whole Awesome Family. So, like the lunatic I am......this is whats going on this week at AID.

The quick vibe board I threw together

So wish me luck and send me prayers and be patient with my light posting this week.....

I am gonna announce the giveaway winner TOMORROW!!!!

So you have one more day to get lucky!


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